Paintball is currently one of the fastest growing sports in Europe.
Forest of Dean Paintball is situated in over 50 acres of open grassland, valleys and dense woodland cover.
Everybody is catered for, from children's parties (ages 11+), individuals, corporate events, stag and hen parties.

Two teams pit their wits against each other trying to out-think and out-manoeuvre the opposing team. The games played have different objectives and scenarios; it is then down to you to achieve your particular task without getting 'marked' (paintballed) by your opposing team.

Within the site we have constructed several games for your entertainment:


Two Storey Fort

Capture the Flag -
play in open ground or in wooded valley

57 Seater Coach

Take the Bridge

The Killing House -
played in an urban environment

The Rat Trap -
trench warfare

Destroy the Missiles

Flush out Snipers

Armoured Vehicle -
6 wheel drive Praga

Rocket launchers

The Suitcase Bomb

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